Friday, September 30, 2011

it's been awhile....

So-hello to all! Been busy so haven't had time to get organized enough to post anything. I've had a few finishes, no WIPs to post today though. Did start back up on my Spring Cat. I hope to have that one done by spring next year. We shall see!

Did alot of bike riding in August. Had the Sturgis Rally of course-and right after that we went to Michigan. 3093 miles on the bikes!!! Was a great trip-wonderful weather, got to meet the DBFs family and see a state that I have never been to. Michigan is beautiful-and not at all what I expected. I also got to meet a stitchy friend when I was in Bay City! Doesn't get much better than that! Here are a few pics of stuff I stitched this summer-enjoy!!

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